Energy Work

The basic idea behind an integrated approach to energy work is that our body and minds can shift into positive and negative patterns. When your energy is flowing well, you will think clearly, feel strong and handle challenges with ease.  When these patterns are negative or blocked, your mood may feel heavy and your thoughts disorganized for no apparent reason. These blocks are created by our negative thoughts, feeling and emotions from ourselves, our families or even the collective consciousness of the groups we are connected to. An emotionally or physically traumatic experience also create these barriers. You are able to heal and strengthen yourself when these energy blocks are removed. This mind/body approach can have positive neurobiological response on your system which is why you may feel calmer and better after each session.You are, thus, able to renew and reconnect with your original internal harmony and balance. 

In some ways, removing these blocks is similar to what some people experience through meditation.  When we focus on our breath and quiet the mind, we can clear the blocks that may have developed over a stressful day. Through meditation, our bodies relax and we feel realigned with our selves.  This alignment creates an inner sense of peace.

The techniques I use are based in no specific spiritual practices, though they often are derived from ancient traditions.  For some clients, energy work can feel spiritual, but every person's experience is unique. 

With some methods listed below, I am able to teach you how to use them for your own self care  and other ones are led by me.

Here is a list of many processes I have studied and experience as most effective for my clients.  We will find and use the particular ones that most resonate with you and your energy system.

Mindfulness Meditation, Intention and Action

Grounding, Clearing and Creating

EMDR Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing

Brain Spotting

Emotional Freedom Technique, EFT or Meridian Tapping

Tapas Accupressure Technique, TAT

Yuen Method

The Emotion Code

Ask and Receive

Quick Pulse / Jo Dunning Technique

Theta Healing

Matrix Energetics

Chakra Alignment and Activation