I work with my clients to create self understanding and change.

As a clinical social worker with over 25 years experience, I have expertise in working with unresolved trauma and stress relief. The goal is to create a renewed awarenesses that can expand and enrich your life for greater happiness, comfort and fulfillment.

I use classic training as well as trauma reduction techniques such as EMDR (Eye Movement De-sensitization Technique, Brain Spotting and EFT, (Emotional Freedom Therapy), also known as a meridian tapping therapy technique.


" Dia hit the nail right on the head in our first session of knowing what was the main source of my problem.  I didn't have to tell her my whole story, she just understood it right away."

"I like Dia's conversational style that is filled with humor but also a deep compassion in each session. I never feel examined and always feel understood."

"Dia explained to me that I was picking up on other people's anxiety and she taught me ways to energetically make a strong boundary so I wasn't doing that anymore. This has really improved things for me."

"If I go into a session in a bad mood, I always feel lighter and happier when I leave."

"I love the classes that Dia teaches.  She is a fun teacher who makes the hours fly by with love and humor.”)

Do  you know the direction you want to go in but feel stuck?

Are you feeling out of synch with your family, friends and colleagues?

Have you experienced trauma that remains unresolved?

Is it difficult to manage your daily stress?

Is anxiety holding you back from what you want to achieve?